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Chris Matern began his career in the chemical industry while in high school, working for South Chicago Packing Company, a meatpacker and edible oil producer. While studying Chemical Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology, he worked as a project engineer on a process for the fractional crystallization of tallow into oleo oil and stearine, and then went on to develop a protean recovery process that converted a waste product into a saleable by-product.

After graduating from IIT with honors, Chris became the plant engineer for Breddo, Inc., a manufacturer of food grade emulsifiers, later becoming Breddo's Director of Engineering responsible for all capital projects and governmental compliance.

While working for Breddo, Chris attended DePaul Law School at night. Graduating with honors, he went on to join the firm of Lord, Bissell & Brook, focusing his practice on environmental insurance. At Lord, Bissell & Brook, he successfully resolved several multi-million dollar environmental cases.

As a consultant, Chris Matern can bring these extensive and varied experiences to bear on today's critical problems.

Environmental Insurance - A Solution for Today and the Future

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Insurance may provide the key to solving today's difficult environmental problems. The magnitude of these problems could dwarf the Savings & Loan Crisis. Cleanup of the known toxic wastes sites is estimated to be $750 billion. Unlike a fire, where the loss is limited to the value of the property, an environmental claim can result in a loss many times larger than the net worth of the company.

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